Saturday, April 18, 2009

Stimulating the Economy & Ikea lunch!!

On the Easter long weekend we did a little bit of shopping..... On Sunday we saw an add on tv for Bali at Home - they had a big shelf for dvd's. A proper wooden shelf. With no plastic rack bits. Just what we have been looking for. So after calling them to see if they were open we went off to Underwood to have a look. And as is traditional, we bought it. YAY. To be delivered next Saturday. Bonus points to them for the bag of lollies they stapled to our reciept!!

Next stop was WOW, but it was shut. So off to Ikea. But it was shut also. So we went home!

Easter Monday however shops were OPEN and we went back to WOW and were deafened by their sound system display room. Then off to IKEA, and the Logan Mega centre. Along with everyone else onthe planet it seemed! There was even a queue of cars to get into the carpark. We headed to the far end and got a park easily. None of this stuffing around for a park close to the door for us!

We checked out the Mega Centre first, since we hadn't been there before. We were looking for a new cabinet to house our yet to be bought tv. THis is a good shopping centre for furniture. Heaps of different shops to look through, anbd they are all close together so you can go back and forth if you need to. There are also some electonic kind of shops for tvs and the like :-)

So we found a few cabinets we liked, then headed to IKEA to see if there was anything there. But first stop was for lunch in the Ikea cafeteria...

Meatballs with Mashed Potato for Janet ($7.50)

A garden salad for me ($1.50)

and also some organic pasta and vegie sauce for me ($3.95)

BARGAIN lunch :-) and yummy as well! We also had a breadroll and some butter which they neglected to charge us for, as well as a couple of beverages ($1.95 ea)

We had a wander around Ikea, but didn't find a tv cabinet that we liked as much as the ones out in the other centre, so we headed back there, buying a lazy susan for our dining table ($16) on the way out.....

We found a cabinet we liked and tried to buy it, but they had none in stock and wouldn't be able to deliver for 2 weeks. We are not that patient, so went to another shop and got a similar one that they could have delivered the next day. Too bad we had to work! SO we organised delivery for Friday afternoon. Yay!!

hmmmm did I mention that between lunch and cabinet buying, we also managed to purchase a lovely 32 inch full hd lcd tv. Which we were able to pick up immediately from the back dock in the rain. SO the lovely tv has to stay in its box until the furniture arrives.....

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