Monday, March 31, 2008


We are in major countdown mode....half an hour till the Limo picks us up for the concert.....and after that we countdown to leaving for the airport.....yay!!!!! Bags are packed, all is organised....I hope!!!! I should think that I won't be updating this blog till we get back...lots to share then I am sure!!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The concert was cancelled!

Yep, the Celine concert was cancelled last night. I didn't believe Janet when she rang to let me know. So we will try again on Monday which is when it has been rescheduled till. And then Tuesday morning we fly away!!!!

I've been thinking of some of the things I am looking foward to on our holiday.

1. Hotel showers with no water restrictions. I can feel several longer than 4 minute showers coming on.
2. I get a month off cooking dinner. (I like to cook, but it will be lovely to have a break!!)
3. No work!!
4. And of course seeing new places, meeting up with friends and all the usual stuff you are meant to look foward to!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Getting closer!

The count down is getting into single digits! This time next week we will be on a plane! I do believe we leave at something like 11.30 on Tuesday. I'm not so clear on the time details. But its around then.

Right now, there is another count down occuring....yes, tomorrow night is the Celine concert. Not just the concert, but the vip limo ride to the concert and the actual meeting back stage of Celine.

So this is a rather BIG week.

I just booked us onto a night tour of Alcatraz for next Thursday. Last time I went on a day tour. I think a night tour might be a little scary. But I can be brave. And hopefully not be sea-sick on the boat ride over there.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lions & Monkeys!!

We went for a walk on Saturday to the video shop to rent a movie. Okay, I guess I should actually call it the dvd shop these days. Or perhaps I could just call it Blockbuster. You get the picture. It was a very exciting walk, because on the way we saw monkeys & lions!!!! Cool bananas!! Yes, there is a circus in residence at Waller Park, and we cut through the park on our walk. So we got a close up view of the monkeys and lions. Who were rather stinky.

We eventually found a movie to watch. There are never any good movies there. I am not sure why. Its not like we go out and see every movie ever made, so there should be lots of movies that we haven't seen, but want to see. But there never seems to be. We ended up with the movie "History Boys" I won't recommend it. It wasn't terrible, but it was a bit waffley for my liking. Maybe next time we will find something good?

Friday, March 07, 2008

all sorted!

Yay, our computer is fixed!! I might be able to get some stuff done on it this weekend. What I really need to do is send our trip itinerary file to myself at work so that I can make use of my lunch time and find directions from train stations to hotels and useful things like that. Because I have no idea of where we are staying off the top of my head.

I think I have Jeya booked into the pet motel now. I have at least spoken to an actual person who wrote down the dates and took my phone number. The conversation ended with, "we'll see you then" So I take it that means all is ok. Apparently their email intermittently does not work - I would suggest they should remove the email booking option from their website in that case! Their answering machine is also on the malfunctioning list. The lady told me that I didn't leave a phone number, or that the machine cut out. It was the machine cutting out. I definitely left my number. Anyhow all sorted now.

Janet has a lady coming over on Monday to sort out the cats. It is a pet sitter. I have warned the girls to not let her sit on them. I can't believe how much this holiday is costing. Well I can believe. But its crazy. The animals alone are costing us something crazy like $35 a day. And they are not going anywhere.

3 more weeks till we leave!!!!!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


A layout I did for the current Nature Theme Challenge at Scrappity.

Computer gone!

The computer man took our computers brain away last night to see what is wrong with it. He was going to test it and let us know what our options are. He rang this morning, and it looks like not much is wrong with it. SO good news there! We are getting him to upgrade the memory while he has it, so it should go faster. Yay!!

Its less than 4 weeks to go till our holiday!! Double YAY! (YAY YAY!!!!) We still haven't sorted out the cats or the dog yet. I emailed the pet motel for Jeya, but they haven't answered me. So I better call them or we'll be stuck! Janet is sorting out the cats. I think we have decided on pet sitters for them. I didn't want Jeya all alone in the backyard for a whole month, which is why we are taking her to the pet motel. The cats will be happier if we leave them home. Thats the theory anyway. So we may have to send all 3 of them out to work to pay for it. Animal accomodation is very expensive!!

I think one of our TV's died this morning also. It was one we were given, so we can live without it. Its just the trauma of having to unplug everything that is connected to it and working out how to reconnect it all back up to the old tv. And then rearranging the living room again. Oh the drama of it all! haha. It was still working this morning, its just that the picture had a kind of green tint to it, so everyone looked kind of sea-sick.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Wet Weekend

Yay! We were allowed to use the hose for 1 hour on Saturday afternoon. We washed our cars. I have never washed my car. We've taken it through the car wash a few times, but I have never actually washed it with a hose since we got it last May. We haven't been allowed to. So I briefly have a shiny car again. It is kind of embarassing to admit how much joy was had from actually turning on the hose. We sadly had it stretched out into the front yard 3 hours before we were allowed to use it. Theres nothing like being prepared!!

Before the excitement of being able to use the hose, we sorted out our little garden bed next to the letterbox. A few weeks ago we pulled a heap of scraggly plants out of there, and now we have completed the make-over by adding some rocks. It took 2 trips to Bunnings to complete the job, because we didn't quite buy enough rocks, so I had to go back and get 1 more bag of the red ones. We like it.We spent Sunday afternoon in our nice dark lounge room watching episodes of Party of Five Season 1. Nice and relaxing!

We are also experiencing some technical difficulties with our computer. The keyboard and mouse are not working when they are plugged into their proper ports at the back of the computer brain. They do work when I plug them into the usb ports in the front (the only spare ones) This is not going to work because then I have nowhere to plug the camera or my flash drive in. So I am having to upload photos at work. I will have to call the place I got the computer from and see if they still exist so we can get it fixed. Perhaps a certain little cat has been playing with the cords behind the computer and has broken something.

Blind Photos

So here are a couple of pictures of the new blinds. They look better in real life!