Saturday, April 18, 2009

Janet & Ali's Big Adventure April 2008 Day 20 - bike ride & pie day!!

We went to Kensington Park for a bike ride with a big bike riding group. It was an 8 mile path around a lake - not too hilly and heaps of fun!!!

Unfortunately Janet got dizzy, so we had to stop for a while. But she was ok, so we could finish the route. Then we ate left over subway in a leaf filled park. Once we had gotten all the bikes back into the car (much better than on the way there - we all had a seat in the car this time even!) We headed back.

Then it was time for pie. We went to Bakers Square to try some pie. Janet chose Oreo, I got Cherry. Ronda's Grandma got Strawberry Rhubarb, Ronda's Aunt got Bread pudding, and Ronda got tasting slices of a million different pies for us to try. We were well and truely pied out! YUMMMMM!!!!

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