Monday, January 21, 2008

new toy!

We bought ourselves a new toy on the weekend. No, not that sort of toy. A lovely new digital camera. We used my Christmas bonus money, so we got a much better one than we would have otherwise. Its a Panasonic Lumix. Its got a 10 x optical zoom and about a zillion different settings. But it takes good pictures in "even a dummy could use this" mode. so it suits us nicely! If we had waited to buy it we apparently could have gotten it duty free from the same shop, but we want a good amount of time to get used to driving it before we go away. Suffice it to say that Jaspa, Jeya & Monty have been getting sick of being told to sit and look cute for the camera.

We went and saw the movie "Juno" on Saturday arvo, we both enjoyed it. And we saw some previews for movies that we actually want to see, so thats good for a change!!

I went for a good run yesterday arvo. Good in that I actually went! No, it was also good, because I like to run. Once I am doing it. Its the getting out the door part that causes me the most difficulty. Once I am out there its fantastic.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

all ok

Well the cat is not starving any longer. She is all better now. I suspect she would have been all better without the $60 visit to the vet, but I wouldn't want to take the chance really. Better to be safe.

Not much else going on really. Still not getting up in the morning. Still pedalling in the evening. Still addicted to vegie burgers and salad for dinner. And still counting down till the big trip in April!!! Its getting much closer now!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

the cat is starving!!!

Yes, the vet told us we have to "starve" Monty for 24 hours. Now I think that is a terrible way to put it. Poor Monty is being very affectionate, thinking that if she is nice to us, we will feed her. It was an added challenge to let Jaspa have her dinner without Monty getting any. So Jaspa was fed in the lounge room, and then music exciting for her! Just likke getting take-away. Tonight we are allowed to feed Monty some chicken. So I get to cook a meal for the cat! The vet doesn't think anything serious is wrong with her - possibly just an infection. He was going to give us some antibiotic tablets to give to her, but fortunately for us gave her an injection instead. Saved much blood-shed I am sure! Monty is not the easiest of creatures to get a tablet into and has many sharp bits.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

still not!

Yes, that right, I still haven't gotten myself out of bed to go for a run this year. I think I need someone to volunteer to drag me out. Any takers?? nope. What I need to do is just that. GET UP AND GO!!

I've been pedalling away on the exercise bike in the evenings, and boy it gets hot! I feel like I am melting away. If only!!

We are taking Miss Monty to the vet this afternoon. She is having a problem in the kitty litter area which is not pleasant. Hopefully there is nothing major wrong with her. She is 10 though, so who knows. She seems fine in every other way though, so maybe its something easy to fix.

I created some Breakfast Muffins the other night. We bought the biggest box of Uncle Toby's Fibre Plus I have ever seen, and I seem to have been eating my way through it forever. So I decided to turn some of it into experimental muffins. Yes, I did not follow a recipe. Fortunately they turned out to be quite edible. Probably needed a bit more something to make them delicious, but that something would probably be butter & maybe extra flour. I was trying to keep them relatively healthy. They ended up at 143 calories each, which I guess isn't bad for a muffin. I wouldn't try and serve them up to anyone else, but for me, they are fine!

Friday, January 04, 2008

its still raining!

Yes!!! lovely lovely rain is falling. I took this photo out our front window last night. I think it looks kind of cool!

And this is a layout I did the other night. Photos that we took at the Kate Miller-Heidke concert at the Tivoli in December (I think it was December anyway...)

I redeemed myself slightly last night by getting on the exercise bike and peddaling away for a while. Well for 35 minutes and 210 calories actually. I don't stay on the bike the whole time I get off and jump around also. It helps get the heart rate up a bit higher and keeps things interesting! I might look slightly demented, but it works!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I am Slack - big suprise!

yeah yeah. So I have started the year with much slackness. My intentions to get up each morning and exercise have come to nothing. Yes, its only the 3rd of January, so I still have time to get myself into gear. I have to remind myself of all those winter mornings that I was up and out the door running when there was frost on the ground and I couldn't feel my fingers. Running at the moment would be positively delightful compared to that! So I just have to do it!

I have been playing around with some scrapbooking and have done a few pages now. Nothing too great, but I am learning how to manouvre around in photoshop, which is the hardest part.

We have a new addition to the family. George. We love him. The Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine is what I am talking about. Revolutionising the kitchen! It means I will be enjoying a delicious mountain bread wrap filled with grilled capsicum, zucchinni & eggplant, with some fresh lettuce and my newly invented pesto-hommus. Delicious!

The pesto-hommus is quite something. And has nothing to do with George. It is my own invention, and I do not know why I didn't ever think to try it before. All it involves is throwing a large handful of fresh herbs into the whizzer when making the usual hommus (I use a can of chick peas, a big spoon of crushed garlic, a big squeeze of lemon juice, a drizzle of oil and a dollop of tahini (although I have been substituting macadamia paste recently - good move!). The herbs make it taste supremely good!

Another good addition to your basic hommus is some roasted capsicum. I tried this last week. Makes the hommus a lovely colour and adds a delicious sweetness!