Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Cat Fun Fair

Our new Cat tree, castle, scratching thingy, or whatever you like to call it arrived last week. We had some trouble attaching the ladder, and almost had to resort to using the new drill, but got it sorted eventually.

And just so Miss Jeya isn't feeling left out, here is a picture of her. Looking a little sad. I think she wants a doggy castle.

I am very impressed with myself!

We bought a drill last weekend and managed to put up some shelves! And they are still up to this day! Excellent!!

This one (well it is actually 3 shelves side by side, for all of my caps.

And this one, which is a "floating" shelf is for some of my snow domes.

Now, what can we drill holes into next..........???

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Monty

Today is Miss Monty's 11th Birthday. She celebrated with a special "pouch" of food which she of course had to share with Jaspa. Jaspa promptly spewed it up on the freshly cleaned carpet. Fun times. Janet has ordered a new scratching post thingy for the girls - it looks like lots of fun - it has a ladder and all sorts of things. This house is turning into a theme park for cats!

The reason I needed the new bike....

We had a lovely weekend. Yes, we got a whole box of Dreamy Donuts. And ate them all. We chose 6 different varieties, and had half of each one. (we had a voucher - a mixed box for $10)The absolute best in my opinion is still the Cinnamon Glazed. I haven't found a donut I like better. The Choc topped ones suprised me with the large amount of chocolate, but they were probably my least favorite (and I absolutely LOVE chocolate.) We also tried the choc filled and the caramel filled. THey are filled with flavoured custard. I think they may be better if they were actually filled with chocolate & caramel. The last of the flavours was the traditional glazed, which was also great.

New Bike!

This is my new spin bike. Okay, so I have already broken it, but it should be back in working order by tomorrow! And hopefully the bruises I have on my arms from carrying it in from the car on the weekend will also be gone. (it is very heavy! it was quite an effort for us to get it inside).