Saturday, April 04, 2009

Janet & Ali's Big Adventure - April 2008 - Day 2 - where's that bus???

I think we have conquered the public transport system long as we don't have to catch bus#2, 3 or 4, because we can't seem to find that one. We ended up on the 37 thanks to the nice policeman. And the 37 took us right where we wanted to be. We started off downtown & checked out some shops like Old Navy (where we could have bought up big, but didn't), GAP and a giant Virgin Mega Store. All the escalators seem to go up about 3 times the distance we are used to, LOTS of room between floors.

After a long wander around in some stores we caught the F-line down to the Cazstro and wandered around there. (oooh first we had a donut (donut count #1) from a shop on the way.

We explored the Castro ands took lots of photos of the rainbow flags. We went in search of a toilet and found a self cleaning talking loo, which was bizzarre and scary.

Lunch was Subway. Subway stores smell exactle the same. yum. Then it was back on the F-line to FIsherman's Warf and Pier 39 where we picked up some souveniers (2 T-shorts for $15) and photographed the seals. And ate some fresh cooked mini donuts (donut count#2) Far out they were good.

We then had to get back on the F-line before our transfers ran out ($1.50 buys you 90 minutes in any direction). We had to get to the BART so we could catch it over to Easy Bay to visit Monti. She picked us up at El Cerito Plaxa and we went back to her place for a home cooked meal. Delicious! It was great to catch up with Monti again and to meet her partner & the kids. Then it was back to the BART into Civic, then 2 blocks west to Van Ness to catch the 49 bus back to Sutter St, just like the first day, only easier because we had no luggage. Now its almost 11pm...we've done well, but definitely time for sleep!

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