Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Janet & Ali's Big Adventure Day 6 - SNOW!!

We got back on the trolley bus today and stayed on for almost a full circuit. It was the drivers first day, so he kind of went a different way to the others we had yesterday. We got off at the Seabus terminal and caught the boat across to north Vancouver where we caught the 236 bus to Grouse Mountain. (we just followed the snowboard & ski carrying people). We rode in a crowded gondola up to the mountain top. As we went up, the pouring rain became falling snow and the green trees became white and snow covered.

At the top, we stepped out into a winter wonderland! Snow everywhere and I got to stand in falling snow, pick up freshly fallen snow and walk through it!!! Amazing!!!! It was much softer and lighter than I had imagined.

We had lunch up here and also watched a couple of Imax films before spending a little more time standing out in the snow. Then it was back on the gondola and back down to the rain. It really is amazing how close to the city the snowy mountain is - so quick and easy to get to.

We caught the Seabus back to downtown and then the trolley bus to Robson St to check out the giant HMV, then we walked back to our hotel for a rest before heading out in search of Pizza-free dinner :-) We ended up at a thai place for a delicious vegtabley meal in a warm, fire side spot.

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