Monday, June 15, 2009

Various Dinners!

Most nights I cook us two similar, but different dinners. Here are a few recent efforts -

Vegie Sausage Kebabs with salad & vegie mash and Normal sausages with vegie mash & peas

Pumpkin Soup with cheesy garlic toast

Vegie schnitzel with corn & salad, pork schnitzel with corn and home made oven baked chips

vegie bolognaise & meaty bolognaise

Home delivered Pizza!

One Thursday I was lazy and didn't feel like cooking, so we decided to order pizza for delivery. We usually just go there, order and pick it up, since its like 5 minutes down the road. We ordered online, which meant it showed us a timeline of where our pizza was up to. Until I shut the window by accident, and then we were left with no idea at all. After about an hour I rang to see what was going on, and was told our order had left the store. About a minute later, the guy arrived at our house. I think if we pick up, its quicker, cheaper and hotter. Pizza was still good though!

Janet's Meatasaurus.

I tried the new Feta Vegetarian pizza. Its meant to have grape tomatoes I think. Plus I asked for no olives, and the addition of pineapple, which obviously didn't happen. It was still good, but way too olivey for my liking.

Food Court Lunch

Weekends sometimes (or quite often even) mean lunch at the foodcourt at Grand Plaza.

This has become my regular choice - 2 x vegetarian & 1 x avocado sushi rolls with a can of V. I love the tofu in the vegie rolls. Its lovely and sweet. I just have to remove the cucumber before I eat them, because cucumber is evil :-)

This is Janet's lunch of choice. A small chicken royale value meal from Hungry Jacks.

Pumpkin Pasta

What to do with left over pumpkin soup? Turn it into pasta sauce of course! We had only a small amount of homemade soup in a container in the freezer, so I heated it up and let it thicken a bit, and mixed it through some pasta. I also stired through some roasted pumpkin (I chopped up the pumpkin, tossed it in fresh herbs, garlic and olive oil and roasted it in the oven until it was golden). The result? a delicious dinner!

Out to Dinner - June- Six Degrees Indooroopilly

The 4th of June is our wedding anniversary. So we went out for dinner the Saturday after that. We went to Six Degrees in Station Road, Indooroopilly. Its up the road from the Eldorado Cinemas. (and down the road from the Indooroopilly Mega Plex) We were sat out on th little balcony, which was slightly chilly, and a little dark to get good photos - so sorry about that!

We started with some Garlic Bread with Parmesan Cheese. Nice and buttery.
I had the Fetuccine Florentine. It was very good! Pasta, spinach, basil, pine nuts and parmesan.

Janet had the snapper & chips. Great chips (I had to try one) and the fish got a big thumbs up too. The salad did not. It was too cucumbery for my liking, and too salady for Janet :-)
After dinner we went to the Eldorado and watched the movie "I love you, man". Good Movie. Extremely uncomfortable movie seats! I recommend taking a cushion to the Eldorado in future.