Sunday, April 19, 2009

Out to dinner April - Mae Ploy Thai Restaurant Browns Plains

We tried to go to the "China Rose" but they had no spare tables and we had no booking, so we went instead to the Mae Ploy Thai Restaurant (shop 27 Village Fair Regants Park cnr Vansittart & Estramina Rd)

This is a very small restaurant which had only one other couple seated inside when we arrived. They fit us in no worries!

There is only room for 18 people inside. Its small and very green. The other couple left almost as soon as we were seated and we thought we would have the whole place to ourselves (although a family came in a bit later.)

The service in this place was great. When we were seated, the waitress lit the candle on our table and brought us a bottle of cold water, and even filled our glasses for us. She came back throughout the night and refilled our glasses many times.

We started with (as seems to be traditional for us) a serving of Vegetarian Spring Rolls ($5.90). (these are also available in a chicken variety). They were extremely hot and deliciously crunchy. Filled with mainly vermicelli noodles, they were very tasty!

At first we didn't order drinks, but the family at the other table ordered some Cokes and when we saw the big icy glasses they got, we caved and ordered some for ourselves too....

Janets meal was "Sweet Prawn Lovers" ($17.50) - crispy king prawns in sweet chilli sauce. They looked good, and were declared a winner. Large juicy prawns encased in a light crispy batter with sweet chilli sauce.

I went for the Tofu with Cashews ($12.50) This was a great mix of stir fried vegies and tofu in a yummy sauce sprinkled with crunchy cashews. Big thumbs up from me!

We also has a small serve of steamed rice, which was served in this shiny container...

We had a great meal and were well and truely stuffed! They also do takeaway, with the prices about $1 cheaper. I think dine in is the go, since you get the food much fresher! I hope more people discover this restaurant, because we wouldn't want it to disappear before our next visit!

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