Sunday, April 05, 2009

Janet & Ali's Big Adventure April 2008 Day 4 - off to vancouver -

We had to get up early to catch the scarily driven shuttle bus to the airport. An uneventful flight - it went quickly - we had a healthy inflight breakfast of Cadbury Dairy Milk (you had to buy food, so it was chips, chocolate or a beef sandwich).

We arrived in Vancouver to a grey rainy day. We got directions at the airport and caught 2 busses downtown to our hotel - The Comfort Inn. We had to walk a few blocks in the rain. (We love this hotel, it has alovely shower!). We left our bags at the fron desk and wandered around for about 4 hours till our room was ready - we found an underground shopping mall, which kept us out of the rain for a while. We also discovered that every second store seemed to be selling pizza by the slice. So this was lunch. $1.43 a slice. And DELICIOUS!

When our room was ready we went to it and had a warm dry rest. We headed off to the foodcourt in the underground mall for some chinese food for dinner. I am impressed witrh the number of vegetarian options at all the food places - I have a fantastic range of choices!!.

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