Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday Dinner - Far East, Browns Plains

We grabbed some takeaway from "Far East" at Westpoint, Browns Plains. We were late home and I hadn't organised any dinner, so this was a lovely solution! Its a busy shop.

Janet had lemon chicken

I ordered from the "noodle" menu. Although I didn't have noodles - I had steamed rice, Tofu, vegies in sweet Thai sauce. Delicious!

We also had some vegie spring rolls, which were excellent!



Jaspa likes to sit in our window and watch the ants go by. Or the grass grow. Something like that

Jeya likes to look up into the sky and wait for something scary to swoop down and attack her.

A little gardening

Some of the plants in my vegie garden are actually growing :-)

There are some peas starting to appear!!

This weekend, we also planted some flowers in the pots around the bbq area. Janet swept and cleaned the concrete, so we needed some flowers to make it all look pretty. And Jeya has something to look at :-)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Stop & Smell the Roses!

On our way home from breakfast we walked past this lovely rose bush peeping over someones fence.

They were a bit high to actually smell the roses, but they were just right for a photo :-)

Breakfast @ The Coffee Club

We took Janet's car to get serviced early on Saturday morning and walked home, via the new Coffee Club at Browns Plains Village Square. They actually have table service there. Amazing!!

I was a little bewildered to find they didnt have the salad sandwich I usually order on the menu. But they made it for me anyway - YAY!!! They billed it as a cheese sandwich with no filling with extra salad. Delicious turkish bread salad sandwich.mmmmmm

Unlike the Coffee Club near K-mart in Grand Plaza (where poached or scrambled is the only choice) you can have your eggs here in many ways, so Janet got the Eggs, Bacon, Tomato & Toast minus the tomato, with the eggs fried.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Day at the Beach

It was such a nice day that we decided to drive down the coast. We began at Southport, where we had a walk, then we drove to Nobby Beach, where we had another walk, and a climb up some steep stairs, but we couldn't see anywhere close to buy some lunch for a picnic, so we drove a bit further to Burleigh, but I couldn't find anywehere to park the car, so we drove a bit further and ended up at Palm Beach, where there was heaps of parking and shops nearby. Perfect!!

We bought our lunch from this fish & chip shop. See whats next door???

Janet got the Fish & Chips

I had a vegie burger. A huge vegie burger. A delicious vegie burger.

We sat in a park right by the beach with only the seagulls for company. Perfect! And then, because I have been going on about wanting ice cream for weeks, we walked back to the shop and visited Cold Rock. Janet had double chocolate with cookie dough, and I had double chocolate with caramello koala. YUM!!!

We went back to the same park to eat it.

This was our lunch eating view.
Then we rolled ourselves back to the car and drove back home.

Homemade Pizza

Yes, we love pizza. Recently I have been using Greek Yiros bread from Woolies as the base. (Instead of making it from scratch) It works out great, and makes for very speedy Pizza. Takes about 10 minutes in a hot oven.

Pepperoni Pizza for Janet

Vegie Pizza for me (with zuccinni, onion, tomato, avocado & not-bacon)


Foodcourt Lunch - Riverlinks

We went shopping at the RIverlinks shopping centre at Ipswich last weekend. They have a lovely big Rivers Clearance shop there. We love Rivers! We also love lunch at a foodcourt that has different options. We both bought our lunch from the Ozi Pide shop. I don't think thats its actual name. But I can't remember what that was. It sells Turkish bread pizzas and wraps. Everything on the menu is $7.90.

I was tempted by the vegie pizzas, but went for a salad wrap instead. It came with everything under the sun. Even avodado and cheese. Although I asked for no cheese. I had hommus and sweet chilli sauce. It was very big, and very delicious!!

Janet had the meat lovers pizza. Which also got the thumbs up. You can't really go wrong with Turkish bread, can you?


yes, that little boy on the add going on about the frosting made us buy a box of cupcake mix. And they were delicious! I was a little worried, because the mixture had lumps in it and I couldn't get them out, but I just went ahead and cooked it like that, and all was good. The icing in the box was good too. Just cut the corner off and squeeze it on. Much less mess than I usually end up with. But we really didnt need to be eating 12 cupcakes :-)

Monday, July 06, 2009

Newly renovated front garden bed

We ripped all the plants out of our front garden bed, put down weed matting, cut holes in it for the plants to go, popped in some plants and covered with some mulch. Much tidier! And still living almost a month later!

Garlic Parmesan Bread

I made up this bread to go with some home made soup. I mixed some garlic into the bread dough, as well as rubbing some garlic and olive oil onto the top before baking. (I also sprinkled on some parmesan cheese). It didnt turn out exactly as I wanted, but we nearly ate it all, so there wasn't much wrong with it!

food court lunch

We popped into the Orion shopping centre at Springfield Lakes the other weekend and had some lunch while we were there. We had been to water Pam & Sid's plants and collect their mail. (better not collect the plants and water the mail!)

Janet had the 2 piece feed using a voucher we "borrowed" when checking the mail. They put all the food in a cardboard basket instead of stuffing it into a box like at Browns Plains.

I braved the kebab shop. And I am glad I did. Its been a while since I had a good felafel kebab. And this was a good one! It was from Origin Kebabs and I had it with hommus and sweet chilli sauce. It was nice and crunchy!

Walking Waller Road

Last weekend we went for a walk down Waller Rd. The poles along the road have recently been painted - a much better job than some other pole painting efforts we have seen. Here are some of them -

and a real, live bird as well :-)

At the end of Waller Rd, we visited what called itself a Fete. It more resembled a dance school putting on a show, and some rather sad looking stalls. SO we turned around and walked back home!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Out to Dinner - July - Shala Thai, Browns Plains

We were actually planning to go to the new Montezumas at Browns Plains, but so it seems was everyone else. Next time we will book :-) So we happily went to the new Thai place instead.

Fresh flowers on the table

We were given a complimentary plate of prawn chips, which Janet enjoyed.

Whats this? no spring rolls for me? I branched out and ordered the Tofu satay. This was delicious! Crispy on the outside, soft in the centre with a tasty sauce. This would have done me as a main meal.
Janet had the Spring Rolls - these were meaty ones

Steamed rice - yum!
I chose the mongolian tofu - it had a very gingery tang to the sauce. They had heaps of tofu options on the menu, and I want to go back and try some others! I couldn't eat all of this, and took the rest home for another day!

Janet had the honey king prawns

location : shop 5/18 commerce drive, browns plains (behind bunnings)

Springfield Garden Restaurant

shop 1, 30 commercial drive, springfield - Malaysian & Chinese

We went out for dinner here with Pam & Sid before they went overseas.

They had cool pinky pearl chopsticks

Pam & Sid started with the chicken & corn soup

Janet & I shared some vegetarian spring rolls - delicious!!!!!

Pam had the Chicken Chow Mein, which was a little too saucy.

I had the stir-fried tofu & vegetables - tasty, but a little boring - it was in that generic chinese restaurant style cloudy sauce.

Janet had Deep Fried Lamb with Chilli Plum Sauce. This was a big hit.

Sid had the beef & Blackbean.