Thursday, October 29, 2009

Out for Breakfast - Coffee Club Village Square Browns Plains

Another Coffee Club Breakfast (due to car service :-) )

The Coffee Club at Village Square has table service, and they bring cold water and glasses to the table almost as soon as you sit down. The staff are nice and friendly here also.  As you can see, we ordered an Orange Juice (for Janet) and a Diet Coke (for me) to have with our breaky.

I was brave this time and ordered something other than my usual salad sandwich.  I had an omlette, to which I added Spinach & Onion.  It was a rather large omlette. And I was greatful for the offer of tomato sauce from our waitress, because well, it was a bit too eggy for me. I am not a big egg eater, so an omlette was probably a silly thing for me to order, but  I was trying to have a breakfasty breakfast! I think next time i will return to my salad sandwich, because it is the most delicious thing ever!

Janet had the bacon, eggs, tomato & toast with the addition of a hash brown, and the removal of the tomato!  AS usual, this was much enjoyed!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dinner at Home - deconstructed shepherds pie

I made this for Janet's dinner. I came up with this while driving home from work.  I wanted to make a shepherds pie, but we don't have any oven proof dishes of the appropriate size to make just one serve.  Plus, as a week night dinner, I wanted to get it cooked fairly quickly, cos I don't like to muck about - things to do, tv shows to watch and all that :-)

So I microwaved some potato & sweet potato, which I then mashed with a little parmesan cheese.  I then put this onto some baking paper in a somewhat circular shape, and scratched up the top a bit with a fork. THis I baked in a hot oven whilst I created the meaty mixture, or pie filling.For this, I basically browned a small amount of onion, added some mince and sizzled it until it changed colour.  To this I added a squeeze of bbq sauce, a little gravy powder and some water, along with some chopped carrot.  I let this mixture simmer away until the mince was cooked, and the sauce thickened.  Then in with some corn and some frozen peas. By the time this was cooked, the potato topping had become brown and crisp on top!

I simply served the meaty mixture onto a plate, and topped it with the potato "disk".  If it was my dinner, I would have prefered to serve it in a bowl, but Janet likes to eat her dinner on a plate with a knife and fork, so no bowls for her (unless I make soup :-) )

Monday, October 26, 2009

Out for Lunch! Yum Cha - Landmark, Sunnybank

We went with friends to Yum Cha at Landmark, Sunnybank - its in the Sunnybank Plaza shopping centre on Mains Road at Sunnybank.  This is a very busy restaurant! Fortunately we had a booking, and friends who knew the procedure, otherwise we would have been rather lost!!  It was a very tasty - and filling - lunch!!

cheesy scallops

dim sims (pork & prawn?)

crispy squid

Pork Buns

some sort of meat

bbq pork

vegie dumplings- yum!

another vegie dish - vegies in pastry - tasted a bit like a meat pie, but without the meat.

bbq duck

pork spring rolls - with very orange sauce that made fingers turn orange!!

vegetarian rolls - crispy deepfried dough, wrapped in rice noodle. Tasted quite bland, but the sweet soy sauce that came with it made them quite tasty.  The crispy filling was reminicent of a doughnut - jst missing the cinnamon sugar!  THis was a special vegetarian dish - They described this to us as rice paper rolls, with something crispy in the centre, I was imagining vegetables myself, and when the dish was brought to the table, it was described as "salad". Interesting - and good to try something different!!

vegies in oyster sauce - nice and green!

lemon chicken on a stick

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Foodcourt Dinner - Subway Grand Plaza

A 6 inch vegie delight on Parmesan Oregano bread, toasted with swiss cheese and honey mustard dressing (no cucumber, olives or jalepenos).  Miraculously they had the bread I wanted - the danger of going to the food court Subway on friday night is that they often have run out of bread. Sometimes all of the bread.  The KFC has the same problem - they run out of chicken!

House Wash

We had the outside of our house and the driveway cleaned.  Who knew the driveway was so dirty???? It now blinds us when we go outside.

Jaspa hid under the couch until they were finished. Scare-dy-cat!

Friday, October 23, 2009


Biscuits all round....

We bought Jeya some doggy treats from the Forest Lake Markets - A bacon & egg bar and a cookie!

We bought ourselves a treat from Mrs Fields at Mt Ommaney. One of these is milk choc chip, one is dark (supposedly - I couldn't tell which was which when we got them home).  These were deliciously soft and chewy and chocolatey

Jeya gave the dog cookies two thumbs up (well she would have if she had thumbs)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Markets - Waller Park, Browns Plains

We have some brand new markets just down the road from us in Waller Park.  They were advertised as fresh fruit & vegies, craft , drinks, food, but our visit on the first day found many many vegies, which is a good thing - next time we will be prepared and not have just been grocery shopping!  These Markets are held on the last Saturday of every month from 6am-12pm, so will next be held this coming Saturday (31sh October).

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pe'Tza Pizza, Fedrick St, Boronia Heights

This shop used to be at Heritage Park, but has moved - we had tried it once before, but decided to give it another go one night when we were on our way home from the vet

I had a vegetarian pizza, with the addition of pineapple

Janet had a BBQ Meat lovers

The main problem with these pizzas is that they are majorly overloaded with cheese - apart from that, they were quite tasty. I would prefer a stronger tasting sauce also.  If you love cheese, then this is the pizza for you.  I wonder if they would allow a request for less cheese - mght have to try that if we go there again!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dinner at home - Veggie Soup & Garlic Pizza Bread

A good Sunday night dinner - and it uses up all the dare I say "old" vegies. We do occasionally call this mouldy vegie soup, even though it isn't really!!

To make, I simply cook off some onion, fresh herbs and garlic, before adding whatever vegies we have (generally pumpkin, sweet potato, tomato, cauliflower, potato, zucchinni) and covering with water & a litle vegie stock powder, or just a pinch of salt.  Once the vegies are all softened, I whizz it up with a stick blender and there you have it. Soup.

On this occasion, I also made up a quick pizza base, to which I kneaded in some garlic & fresh herbsm before smearing the top with some more garlic, and a sprinkling of mozzarella and parmesan cheese, which was then baked in a very hot oven until crispy and golden. Just right for dipping into the soup.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Foodcourt Lunch - Mt Ommaney

Since they have been renovating the Mt Ommaney shopping centre, they have put in a food court - with many more choices than their last effort! 

I decided to try  Ali Baba Kebabs

I had a small felafal kebab, which was delicious! - they serve it in a box, which is a bit different - although you have to take it out to eat it.  The felafel was nicely crunchy on the outside, and for a small kebab, they certainly put a lot in it! Sweet Chilli & Hommus were my choice of sauce (as per usual!!)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Into Africa - Yeronga Park

A few weeks back (I have a backlog of posts...), we visited the Into Africa event at Yeronga Park which was held as part of the Brisbane Festival.

There were several stalls selling African goodies

We got henna tattoos on our hands - the woman doing them was quite amazing - so fast - I would like to use her skills to decorate cakes!!

the tattoos lasted for several days

For lunch, I had a "plate of everything" minus the meat dish - the flat bread was beautifully bubbled - it had a slightly sour taste to it, and was wonderful for scooping up the sauces of the other dishes. I particularly enjoyed the lentil dish!

Janet had the very African meal of a sausage in a roll.