Wednesday, April 01, 2009

25 Things About Me

1. I have been vegetarian since Jan 1 2000. But I have occasionally tasted meat since then. To see if I like it. I don't
2. I collect things. lots of things. Like Snowdomes and caps, and magazines, and M&M's stuff and postcards and ummmm. thats enough.
3. I don't like to throw anything away, it might be useful sometime!!
4. I can't watch movies or tv shows with animals in them. I have to change the channel when there are adds for Animal Rescue or Bondi Vet.
5. I have a list of movies I never want to see again. Most of the movies on it are ones that Janet loves.
6. I like to sleep with a doona over my ear.
7. I have saved every birthday card I have ever received
8. I love to watch cooking shows on tv
9. Sometimes (or maybe often) I pretend I am ON a cooking show.
10. I borrow recipe books from the library, buy and read lots of cooking magazines, but rarely cook anything using an actual recipe.
11. In 2008 I shook hands with Celine Dion, went to her concert in Brisbane, went to one of her restaurants in Montreal and shared a piece of Celine cake. And I'm not even a fan.
12. I first saw snow falling in 2008. and it was magical and wonderful and amazing
13. I don't drink anything hot. Not tea, or coffee. Or cuppa soup (I eat this with a spoon)
14. I love to drink out of cups with lids and straws (like McDonalds cups)
15. Straight people way out numbered gay people at our wedding.
16. When I was in primary school, my Mum made me go to handwritting lessons with a lady at the "Pen Shoppe" in the city. I still have messy writing.
17. I have lived in Brisbane, Glenden, Longreach and Logan.
18. I once went to Chicago to meet up with a group of people I met on an internet message board. And I survived :-)
19. I think you have to decide to be happy. It doesn't just happen.
20. I have a tattoo of the Southern Cross on my arm. With 5-pointed stars. Because I like 5-pointed stars.
21. When I watch "So You Think You Can Dance", I think I can dance. But I can't.
22. I love Bonds undies. Especially green.
23. I had tennis lessons for ever when I was young. And went to tennis camp things during the holidays. Lots and lots of tennis. I haven't played in many many years.
24. I have very strict rules regarding milk. It has to be icy cold. It cannot sit on the bench. It should be almost the last thing to go in the shopping trolley, and it needs to be driven straight home. And my cup of milk needs to go in the freezer for a few minutes before I will drink it.
25. I found it very difficult to think of 25 things for this list!!

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