Friday, April 10, 2009

Janet & Ali's Big Adventure April 2008 Day 9 - Quebec!

How else to start the day, but with warm croissants? Yum! We had a big hotel brekky to help us avoid buying lunch. Brilliant plan!

We spent the day walking around was easy to find our way around, and a good city for walking.

We visited Parliament House, the Museaum of Civillisation, went to the waterfront where we were amazed at the ice floating down the river. THere is snow everywhere, so the streets were a bit soggy. Its a really old city, with lots of lovely old buildings, surrounded by a great big wall. A lot different to anywhere else we have been. The coolest thing about the museum (once we found it - we kind of walked right past it the first time)...was that we saw a video of an igloo being built. Amazing! There was also an exhibit about leisure, and they had cool places to lie and view videos on the ceiling. We almost fell asleep!

We shares McDonalds fries for lunch - dipped in ketchup. (did I mention how cool it is that everywhere has free sauce??)

So tomorrow we brave the train and head back to Montreal...

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