Saturday, April 04, 2009

Janet & Ali's Big Adventure April 2008 Day 3 - a good day for a stroll up a hill -

Yes, we've got the busses sorted. We caught the Bus to Lombard St to check out the Crookedest St in the world. We would like to add steepest street in the world to that title. To get to the crooked part, you have to walk up the steepest part of street you can imagine. Wow.

After that, we walked down to the water and headed towards the Golden Gate Bridge, which we admired from a distance before heading back to Fisherman's Warf.

We basically spent the rest of the day walking around here...very touristy...we bought a few bargains (and more mini donuts (donut count #3) and were harassed to eat in various restaurants, we opted for Burger King however.(vegie burger yum!)

We were booked on the 5.25pm "night" tour of Alcatraz, so we hopped on the boat, which goes around the island, then did the walking tour, which is really cool - guards and prisoners take you on a tour through your headphones.

After this, we decided that rather than freeze to death, we'd get the first boat back and hopefully see the sunset behind the bridge, which we did, although freezing was still an option and almost occured. Farout it was cold.

We went in search of dinner and ended up back at Burger King, since it was WARM and we could find it quickly!. Then onto the 49 bus and back to the hotel. Off to the Airport at 5.15am tomorrow and heading for Vancouver!!!

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dnutley said...

Steepest street? As steep as the place we used to live in Bundamba? Lots of comments about that driveway.