Monday, October 26, 2009

Out for Lunch! Yum Cha - Landmark, Sunnybank

We went with friends to Yum Cha at Landmark, Sunnybank - its in the Sunnybank Plaza shopping centre on Mains Road at Sunnybank.  This is a very busy restaurant! Fortunately we had a booking, and friends who knew the procedure, otherwise we would have been rather lost!!  It was a very tasty - and filling - lunch!!

cheesy scallops

dim sims (pork & prawn?)

crispy squid

Pork Buns

some sort of meat

bbq pork

vegie dumplings- yum!

another vegie dish - vegies in pastry - tasted a bit like a meat pie, but without the meat.

bbq duck

pork spring rolls - with very orange sauce that made fingers turn orange!!

vegetarian rolls - crispy deepfried dough, wrapped in rice noodle. Tasted quite bland, but the sweet soy sauce that came with it made them quite tasty.  The crispy filling was reminicent of a doughnut - jst missing the cinnamon sugar!  THis was a special vegetarian dish - They described this to us as rice paper rolls, with something crispy in the centre, I was imagining vegetables myself, and when the dish was brought to the table, it was described as "salad". Interesting - and good to try something different!!

vegies in oyster sauce - nice and green!

lemon chicken on a stick


lychee said...

I have to admit the "some sort of meat, doesn't look too appetising" - he he!

Gastronomy Gal said...

the some sort of meat is pork ribs with blackbean sauce- not the most aesthetically appealing dish but definitely very yummy!

Did you enjoy Landmark?

Alibongo said...

thanks for that - no-one who ate it could tell me what it was either!!

I enjoyed all of the food that I tried - and couldn't believe how busy the place was!