Monday, October 05, 2009

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

Simon & Kristy's engagement party was a Mad Hatters Tea Party at New Farm Park. There were many fancily-dressed people! Most impressive with the costumes.... and the food was extremely plentiful!.....



There was even Fairy-bread!

many many delicious fresh sandwiches - Janet loved the chicken ones.

mmmmm. marshmallow, strawberry & chocolate kebabs!!

Fruity kebabs for a healthier choice (yummy!!)

A most spectacular looking chocolate cake

This was the biggest pile of pikelets I ever saw in my life..... we were wondering who had spent so many hours cooking them, until Kristy told us they were from Coles. They were delicious!

mmmmmm jam & cream...


I think the Ibis may have been a little confused by the flamingos

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