Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dinner at Home - deconstructed shepherds pie

I made this for Janet's dinner. I came up with this while driving home from work.  I wanted to make a shepherds pie, but we don't have any oven proof dishes of the appropriate size to make just one serve.  Plus, as a week night dinner, I wanted to get it cooked fairly quickly, cos I don't like to muck about - things to do, tv shows to watch and all that :-)

So I microwaved some potato & sweet potato, which I then mashed with a little parmesan cheese.  I then put this onto some baking paper in a somewhat circular shape, and scratched up the top a bit with a fork. THis I baked in a hot oven whilst I created the meaty mixture, or pie filling.For this, I basically browned a small amount of onion, added some mince and sizzled it until it changed colour.  To this I added a squeeze of bbq sauce, a little gravy powder and some water, along with some chopped carrot.  I let this mixture simmer away until the mince was cooked, and the sauce thickened.  Then in with some corn and some frozen peas. By the time this was cooked, the potato topping had become brown and crisp on top!

I simply served the meaty mixture onto a plate, and topped it with the potato "disk".  If it was my dinner, I would have prefered to serve it in a bowl, but Janet likes to eat her dinner on a plate with a knife and fork, so no bowls for her (unless I make soup :-) )

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Bonnie said...

i'm not usually a big fan of pies, but that makes me so hungry! very creative idea :)