Thursday, October 15, 2009

Into Africa - Yeronga Park

A few weeks back (I have a backlog of posts...), we visited the Into Africa event at Yeronga Park which was held as part of the Brisbane Festival.

There were several stalls selling African goodies

We got henna tattoos on our hands - the woman doing them was quite amazing - so fast - I would like to use her skills to decorate cakes!!

the tattoos lasted for several days

For lunch, I had a "plate of everything" minus the meat dish - the flat bread was beautifully bubbled - it had a slightly sour taste to it, and was wonderful for scooping up the sauces of the other dishes. I particularly enjoyed the lentil dish!

Janet had the very African meal of a sausage in a roll.

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Kylie said...

Looks like a great Festival. And the food looks yummy! :o)