Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Wedding!!

Here is some of the food we had at Jeff & Melissa's wedding - the reception was help at Scarborough, overlooking the boat harbour - which would have made for lovely views had the weather been nice - it was a lovely wedding never-the-less!!

While everyone else helped themselves to the buffet meal, I was given my own special vegetarian meal of vegies and noodles. It looked good. Too bad the noodles appeared to not actually be cooked :-).  THe vegies were tasty though!!

This was Cassandra's dinner (it looks a bit nicer than Janet's plate! haha)

Here's Janet's plate - lacking a little in the green department!

pretty cake!!

Cake was served up for dessert, along with fruit salad. There were 2 types of cake, chocolate and I think caramel. I had the caramel one - yummy and moist - and I loved the raspberry sauce!

So, we have another wedding coming up, and this one is posing me with a clothing dilemma - the invitation states that the dress is to be 50's cocktail attire. Any ideas? or suggestions as to where to find such a thing?


Kylie said...

Check out costume shops or op shops for the 50's dress. :o)

Gastronomy Gal said...

oo the cake looks great- and frangipanis = very QLD summer.

boringsahm said...

I LOVE 50's dresses! Do a search in google images under "50's cocktail dress" and you'll see the style can be bought still these days.

Your looking either two types. The full skirt (so if you spin around it would flow out) with a tight waist and nice shape for the bust - my apron is 50's style!

Or the pencil skirt/dress style. Straight up and down, rather form fitting.

There are loads on ebay:
Pencil Style

Swing/Full skirt