Thursday, February 25, 2010

Out to Dinner - Huo Fo Vegetarian Court, Sunnybank

We were meeting friends at Sunnybank for "coffee" so we decided to get some dinner before - and I selected this vegetarian restaurant (it is in the Sunnypark Shopping Centre on Mains Road)!!!!

We were kind of early, and the place was fairly empty. You sit out in a covered courtyard.

Everything on the menu is vegetarian - even the items labelled as chicken, fish steak etc. So it was very exciting to have so many options to choose from!

We started with these crispy chicken bites (I was tempted by the spring rolls, but decided that we should try somehing different for a change!) These were crispy fried balls of what looked like chicken, but wasn't.

For my main meal, I chose the spicy steak - mainly because I wanted to try something completely different.  This was in a quite spicy sauce (as the name suggests) , with lots of crispy vegetables.  It came seved with steamed rice and something crispy on the side. Not sure what it was, but it was delicious!!  

Janet had the Honey Prqawns - which looked remarkably like actual prawns.  I tried one, and they were so much like prawns that I didnt like it.  Janet however thought it tasted just like prawns. So she was happy!

I want to go back here with a group of people so that I can try more of a mix of dishes!

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