Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Out for Lunch - Just Poppy's, River Hills

Janet was told about this place that makes great burgers, so we had to go and try it.... and yes, the burgers were fantastic!!

The menu was massive - they even have 4 "meat-free" burgers on the list!!

I chose the "Tree Hugger" - vegie patty with lettuce, tomato, beetroot, spanish onion, grilled capsicum, halloumi cheese, mushrooms and hommus. Wow, this was a delicious and massive burger - I couldn't finish it. Actually it would have been just as good without the vegie patty, because there was so much other stuff on there! (and the mushrooms were cut up, so I coped with them quite nicely :-)  )

Janet had "On the Run" - egg, bacon, cheese. She thought it was great


The chips were fantastic! Crispy and hot, not that we actually needed them, but we ate them anyway!!

You have to sit out the back of a kind of dodgy looking shopping centre, so possibly it would be an idea to take your burgers to a park to eat them - so many choices, means we will probably be making a return visit in the not too distant future!


boringsahm said...

That veg burger sounds awesome! Damn I'm over 800km away, you'll just have to eat one for me.

Gastronomy Gal said...

You always seem to find places in the most unusual spots! You must have an eye for it!

caite said...

while I a dedicated meat eater, I must say the veggie options does sound quite appealing.

and the fries...I love me the crispy fries.

Anonymous said...

That is just around the corner from us!
Why didnt you drop in?


Anonymous said...

Interesting blog, but you do realize there is beef tallow in frozen chips right?

Beques said...

I just discovered your blog, and was so happy to see a post about Just Poppy's - we discovered it using urbanspoon, and were a bit put off by the location, but so glad we stuck it out - great value/delicious burgers!

Anonymous said...

You can also visit their website www.justpoppys.com.au or join them on Facebook at www.fb.com/justpoppysburgers