Friday, February 05, 2010

Pizza!!! - Lawrences Pizza, Crestmead

We took Shadow for a walk around the Berrinba Wetlands and decided to make a detour to pick up dinner on the way home. For some reason I remembered that Lawrences Pizza is located in Julie St, Crestmead. Otherwise, we would have been driving around aimlessly for a lot longer than we did! (I love my UBD!)

We ordered 2 small Pizzas - $8 each, and waited outside with Shadow - a puppy makes passers by so much more sociable!!

I ordered (surprise!) a vegetarian pizza - minus the Mushrooms and Olives.  They gave me some extra pineapple to make up for this - bonus!! This was a good pizza - not too cheesy, and with a good spread of toppings - I would like the sauce to be a bit more flavoursome though.

And Janet got a meat lovers pizza.  Janet thinks that Lawrences Pizzas are the best, but  I am still in the Sicillian Pizza boat - I like their sauce and base a little more.

We each ate half a pizza, and popped the rest in the freezer for another day.

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