Sunday, February 07, 2010

Out for Dinner - The Music Kafe, West End

We went to "The Music Kafe" at West End to see Janet's cousin play.  They had a $5 pizza special the night we were there, but we decided we were a bit "pizza'd out" and went for other meals.

I had the Rissotto (with Mushrooms, spinach & parmesan $12.50). Now anyone that knows me will think that this is a very odd choice, as I do not eat mushrooms. Well, my quest for 2010 is to embrace the mushroom, so this was my first attempt.  Perhaps a bit of an ambitious attempt, as they were very generous with the mushrooms in this rissotto.  The rice was nicely cooked with still a little bite to it, and it was not gluggy.  I ate some of the mushrooms, but they got the better of me in the end, and I ended up eating around them.  A more seasoned mushroom eater would have really enjoyed this dish, as apart from the mushroom factor, I really loved it!

Janet had the Chicken Carbonara ($14.50), which had some nicely cooked chunks of chicken throughout a traditional creamy & bacony carbonara sauce.  She loved it.

These were big meals, and neither of us managed to finish them.  There were a few items on the breakfast menu that took my fancy, so perhaps we will be back another time.

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