Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Pizza!! - Sicilian Pizza, Browns Plains

Well, we finally tried Sicilian Pizza - it is on the corner of Browns Plains & Wembly Roads, so we drive past here very often, but have only just now discovered what we have been missing!!!  These are the best takeaway pizzas I can remember eating since we were in Vancouver.

Whilst the actual shop is not much to look at, the pizzas are fantastic!!  There was a big selection on the menu - with photos of the uncooked pizzas accompanying the menu on the wall.

Janet had this meaty one -"Tutta Carne" ($14) - Ham, pepperoni, bacon, chicken, mozzarella cheese,  it was topped with a swirl of bbq sauce which was a popular addition. Janet did ask for bbq sauce on the base as well, but when we got the pizza home, discovered it had tomato sauce on the base, so next time we will be sure to be clearer with this request!

My selection was called "the Gourmet" ($14) and was topped "Strings of spinach, ricotta cheese, marinated eggplant, capsicum and semi sun-dried tomatoes" The ricotta was a great adidition that I havent had on a pizza before - made it nice and creamy, and cut through some of the saltiness

my plate!

These were nice large pizzas, - we froze quite a lot of it and ate them at a later date - they were even better after being reheated in the oven - such a nice, crispy base, and delicious toppings.


Kylie said...

Your pizza looks YUMMO! Glad you enjoyed it.

caite said...

I like meat...but in this case I am all about your pizza!
here, in my area of the USA, a 'white' pizza, on without tomato sauce, often has ricotta cheese on it.

a tip for reheating cold pizza. instead of using the oven, try heating the slice in a fan on the stove top. easy, fast and crispy.