Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Out to dinner - Thai Emperor, Augustine Heights

We found yet another Thai Restaurant to try out..... this one is at Augustine Heights (just past Springfield Lakes).  Quite a small restaurant - they were making good use of the outside area to fit more people in!

Crispy Prawns

Spring Rolls (of the meaty variety)

I ordered crispy tofu as an entree, however was later told they had run out of Tofu, but could make me a vegie soup. When it arrived it had Tofu in it! I will assume that the crispy tofu was going to be made using silken tofu!  THis soup was quite bland - just vegetables and tofu in a plain vegetable broth - could have used some chilli or something to give it a bit more flavour! However, it was a huge serve and it would have done me as a main meal.

Chilli Basil Tofu - this was very tasty - a delicious sauce, and nice still crisp vegetables. I could only eat about a quarter of it though, since the soup filled me up!

Massaman Curry (Chicken)

Thai Marinated Chicken - Janet loved this - it was deliciously succulent chicken served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce.


Anonymous said...

Having been to Thailand a few times we find it hard now to find a good Thai restaurant here at home.. We are so lucky to have found Thai Emperor & Augustine Hts - food is brilliant, staff are great, friendly & very obliging. So happy they are so close to our home :)

Cindy said...

Hello, nice to see that you like the thai food at my mum's restaurant.. oh have you tried at thai boupha, thai chilli, thai maili, thai moutain? haha a lot i know thats all family but yeah.. well very nice you like the thai foods!!

Anonymous said...

Going there tonight to catch up with co-owner Jimmy!(Condy's uncle) havent seen him for yonkers!

Cindy? all grown up now!