Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Work Lunch

I managed to make a wrap for my lunch that didn't look like a big mess, so I had to take a photo. THis one contains avocado, tofu and the ingredient of the moment for me - Woolworths "rainbow salad" - (it contains grated carot, beetroot & brocolli stalks)

and I nearly always have strawberries at the moment - they are cheap and I love them :-) (with some Forme Strawberry yoghurt)

and to cap it all off, some carrot & capsicum sticks with ranch dressing to dip in.  All in my brilliant Lock n Lock lunch box - which I got for subscribing to the Australian Healthy Food Guide Magazine.  I love this lunch box - I don't have to wrap anything in plastic wrap and it has enough spaces for a nice variety of lunch.

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