Thursday, September 24, 2009

dinner at home, or what to do with broken crackers...

We had a packet of "Country Cheese" biscuits. When we opened them, we discovered that quite a lot of them were broken. Which is no big drama, they still taste the same.... however, I decided to do something different with them. I put all the broken bits into a plastic bag and bashed them with a rolling pin. Fun!

I then mixed the cracker crumbs with about the same amount of dried breadcrumbs and some fresh herbs from the garden and made Janet a piece of crumbed chicken.  Now my crumbing technique involves lightly flouring the piece of meat, dipping this into egg, and then into crumbs, back into the egg and back into the crumbs.  This makes for a nice crunchy crumbed coating once panfried (or oven baked)

On this occasion, I made some vegie mash to go with - it was cauliflower, potato, sweet potato and pumpkin which I boiled and then mashed with a little parmesan cheese mixed in.

and for me? a vegie burger stack - tomato, beetroot, avocado, a Sanitarium not-burger and onion with some mash.

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