Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sunday Afternoon in Roma

We arrived in Roma on Sunday afternoon. First stop was to find somewhere for lunch. We ended up at "The Blue Shed" for some food. Because it was open. Unlike the rest of Roma!

After checking in to the Motel, we headed off for an obligatory visit to "The Big Rig". We only went into the shop, not into the actual attraction, because we couldn't see how the entry fee would be worth it.

Outside the Big Rig is the Slab Hut Museum. Which is free :-) And basically an old house with old things inside.

Next on our agenda was a walk along the Agunadoo Pathway. Along the way, we were amazed to see the number of sprinklers on this field. Apparently no water restrictions in Roma.

On our walk, we managed to find Romas largest Bottle Tree

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