Monday, May 18, 2009

Out to Dinner - May (#5) Simple Pleasures, Kenmore

We joined my Mum & Dad for dinner at Simple Pleasures, Kenmore. (for my Mum's birthday)

The menu scared us a bit. But eventually Janet & I both found something to order!
Mum & Dad both had the same thing - Rump of Wagyu Beef w fricasee of asparagus, potato & shallot, green peppercorn butter, cognac jus.

We shared 2 bowls of fries between the 4 of us. The fries were good.

Janet ordered from the entree section - wagyu bolognese and potato croquettes w artichoke puree, lemon & basil salad.

This is the rocket salad my parents shared. It was quite delicious.

I also ordered from the entree section - salad of vine tomatoes, buffalo bocconcini, herbs, south burnett evoo, 25 year old balsamic.
I enjoyed this, but really, how hard is it to put a sliced tomato on a plate and throw arond a bit of cheese?

For a rather posh expensive place, the service was rather lacking. We had to ask to place our drinks order, waited a long while to place our meal order, the wine was dripped on the table when it was poured, and our water glasses were never refilled until after we had finished and received the bill, when they were refilled twice in about 5 minutes. Rather odd that!

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