Wednesday, May 13, 2009

QANTAS Founders Museum, Longreach

The main reason for our road trip to Longreach was this. A visit to the QANTAS FOunders Museum where we could walk on the wing of a 747.

THe 747 is an imposing sight as you drive into Longreach. That distinctive red tail really stands out.

We were booked to do the whole package of tours at the museum, so got there at 9am to begin our plane-filled day.

We did a tour of the 747, a tour of the 707, watched a film, sat in the cockpit of the 747, climbed down into the computer bank under the floor of the 747, and finally did our wing walk.

You may think that if you have been on a plane, there is no reason to do a tour of one, but it really did show you a lot of things you wouldn't see, as well as letting you get very close to the plane.

One suggestion - they should take a photo of the people on the wing walk. They could then sell it to you and make more money! We were suprised that we had to take our own photo while we were up there. A photo from a platform near the plane would work better!

THe 747

One of the old planes in the museum

Its a big plane!

Flying the plane?

Janet & Ali on the Wing

Janet on the Wing

Janet under the floor

Janet in the cockpit

side of the plane

Tail of the 707

One of the 747 engines

Janet under the 747

Janet walking down from inspecting the luggage compartment
Hall of Fame in the background

THE 707

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