Thursday, January 10, 2008

still not!

Yes, that right, I still haven't gotten myself out of bed to go for a run this year. I think I need someone to volunteer to drag me out. Any takers?? nope. What I need to do is just that. GET UP AND GO!!

I've been pedalling away on the exercise bike in the evenings, and boy it gets hot! I feel like I am melting away. If only!!

We are taking Miss Monty to the vet this afternoon. She is having a problem in the kitty litter area which is not pleasant. Hopefully there is nothing major wrong with her. She is 10 though, so who knows. She seems fine in every other way though, so maybe its something easy to fix.

I created some Breakfast Muffins the other night. We bought the biggest box of Uncle Toby's Fibre Plus I have ever seen, and I seem to have been eating my way through it forever. So I decided to turn some of it into experimental muffins. Yes, I did not follow a recipe. Fortunately they turned out to be quite edible. Probably needed a bit more something to make them delicious, but that something would probably be butter & maybe extra flour. I was trying to keep them relatively healthy. They ended up at 143 calories each, which I guess isn't bad for a muffin. I wouldn't try and serve them up to anyone else, but for me, they are fine!

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