Friday, January 04, 2008

its still raining!

Yes!!! lovely lovely rain is falling. I took this photo out our front window last night. I think it looks kind of cool!

And this is a layout I did the other night. Photos that we took at the Kate Miller-Heidke concert at the Tivoli in December (I think it was December anyway...)

I redeemed myself slightly last night by getting on the exercise bike and peddaling away for a while. Well for 35 minutes and 210 calories actually. I don't stay on the bike the whole time I get off and jump around also. It helps get the heart rate up a bit higher and keeps things interesting! I might look slightly demented, but it works!

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Ness said...

Hi! thanks for being the first ever comment on my blog :) I was quite excited. Love your scrapbook layout!