Friday, January 11, 2008

the cat is starving!!!

Yes, the vet told us we have to "starve" Monty for 24 hours. Now I think that is a terrible way to put it. Poor Monty is being very affectionate, thinking that if she is nice to us, we will feed her. It was an added challenge to let Jaspa have her dinner without Monty getting any. So Jaspa was fed in the lounge room, and then music exciting for her! Just likke getting take-away. Tonight we are allowed to feed Monty some chicken. So I get to cook a meal for the cat! The vet doesn't think anything serious is wrong with her - possibly just an infection. He was going to give us some antibiotic tablets to give to her, but fortunately for us gave her an injection instead. Saved much blood-shed I am sure! Monty is not the easiest of creatures to get a tablet into and has many sharp bits.

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