Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hell Pizza - at last!

There was much excitement when we saw that a Hell Pizza was going to open at Village Square Browns Plains.  This meant we didn't have to go to Darra for our Hell Pizza fix.  SO for months we droveand walked by without seeing a loto fprogress in the empty shop with the Hell Pizza sign on the window.  Eventually it opened, and well, we just didn't get around to going straight away. So when we finally got there it was a quite joyous occasion :-)

THis shop is bigger than the one at Darra, and has some booths inside, and quite a lot of seating outside on the footpath. We decided to eat our pizza there and then instead of driving home with it, so we sat at one of the booths.  We both ordered a "snack-size" pizza, which is the perfect size for one person.

Janet chose "Lust" ($9.50) - Bacon, cabbanossi, cheese, ham, pepperoni, salami.With the optional bbq sauce

I tried the "Sinister" ($11) which is a vegan pizza -Avocado, refried beans, black pepper, capsicum, jalepeno, onions, salsa, you can choose cheese as an optional extra if you don't want to stick with the vegan-ness of the pizza.  I skipped the cheese.

This was delicious -I loved the beans and the salsa on the pizza.  The jalepenos made it a little too spicy for my liking, but I could easily remove a few to lessen the heat factor a tad!  I love the crispy edge of the pizza bases at Hell - yum, yum, yum!!  

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Kylie said...

They both look sensational! Before I switched to vegetarian last year the meat pizzas were my favourite, and I still miss them occassionally. I hope Janet enjoyed it!