Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dinner at Home - Spring Rolls & Sweet Corn Soup

So I was feeling brave and actually tried deep frying something.  I was planning on making rice paper rolls, but on reading the packet, saw that it had instructions for deep frying them, so I decided to have a go!  The filling was a basic stir fry of vegies, tofu and rice noodles tossed in some soy & sweet chilli sauce.  The deep frying was a little scary, and I probably won't be rushing in to do it again, but the result was some quite tasty spring rolls!

to go with the rolls, I made sweet corn soup - this was fresh corn cooked up in some vegie stock with some garlic and ginger, then whizzed with a stick blender.  I then drizzled in whisps of beaten egg. Delicious!!!

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