Thursday, April 29, 2010

Picnic Lunch

This is our kind of picnc - the kind that involves stopping at the bakery on the way to the park!!

We called in at the Jason Lee BAkery at Westpoint shopping centre, Browns Plains and grabbed some lunch to eat at the Berrinba Wetlands

I got a Salad Sandwich.  They were extremely generous with the grated cheese. It fell everywhere. I love bakery sandwiches because they are made with deliciously fresh bread!

Janet had a sausage roll - she is a big fan of the sausage rolls from this bakery.

Shadow had some leaves and sticks. And some lettuce that fell from my sandwich.  She had a lovely time watching small children ride by on bikes

she also rather liked playing with this empty Coke bottle.


caite said...

having recently dogsat my niece' wee doggie, who is a puppy at heart, I learned a trick for keeping him amused, involving a plastic coke bottle.
Put a handful of Cherrios ( do they have them down under?), leave the top off and let him try to get the cereal out.

Eyes Bigger Than Belly said...

Shadow is just GORGEOUS!!! Is she a Rottie? I have a German Shepherd at home who absolutely loves going to the park but is still learning his manners so can be quite stressful... :)

Alibongo said...

*I will have to try the treats in the bottle trick - she'd love that!

*Yes, she is indeed a Rottie. Well behaved at the park, a rascal at home!