Thursday, April 15, 2010

dinner at home - pasta 2 ways

I'm on 2 weeks holiday at the moment, so not really spending a great deal of time on the computer. But heres something I prepared earlier :-)

For Janet - because she loves bbq meat lovers pizza, I made bbq meat lovers pasta! This was mince, pepperoni and bacon, cooked up with some bbq sauce and tossed through wholemeal pasta, with grated mozzarella on the top. Big thumbs up from Janet for this one!

for me - I cooked up red capsicum, onion, grape tomatoes, baby spinach and fresh basil which I tossed through the wholemeal pasta with some parmesan cheese on the top. Yum - I could just about eat tomatoes for every meal and be very happy :-)


Brisbane Baker said...

Mmmm delicious looking pasta!

Nice of you to make your partner one with meat in it. I'm too selfish for that :p

Stacey said...

I looooove grape tomatoes.

I wish you were my cook because I don't enjoy cooking but I do enjoy eating. Especially vegetarian dishes.

It makes me giggle how much of a meat lover Janet is while you're a total vegetarian.

Gastronomy Gal said...

I have never heard of BBQ meat lovers pasta but you could probably sell that idea to Pizza hut!!!!