Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday Night Dinner - Souvlaki Hut

A trip to Souvlaki Hut has become a bit of a regular occurance for us on a Friday night.

Janet always gets the Fish & Chips. (And I always steal a few of the deliciously crunchy chips)

I always get a vegetarian Souvlaki, minus the cucumber and olives, with some hommus. Sometimes I get regular, sometimes I get small, depending on how hungry I am! But it is always absolutely delicious! I love the squeaky haloumi cheese, and the stripy bread, mmmmmmmm!!!!

We always eat in, beacaue the one time we took away, by the time we got home (only about 5 minutes drive) the souvlaki was soggy :-(

1 comment:

caite said...

I like their logo...cute.

but no cukes...that is just wrong.