Friday, January 15, 2010

Out for Work Christmas Lunch - Michaels Oriental, Sunnybank

Just before Christmas, we went out for our work Christmas lunch - to Michael's Oriental at Sunnybank. Its not the first time we have been here for a Christmas lunch, but its the first time I have taken the camera and made everyone wait before they could tuck in!!  As always, the food here was most delicious!

We began with a selection of Entree's - the waitress serves everyone, we had Vegie SPring ROlls, Deep Fried Dim Sims & Steamed Dim Sims.  I did some wheeling and dealing to swap my Dim sims for another spring roll :-)

There were 8 of us at lunch, so here comes a nice variety of main dishes......

Honey King Prawns

Crispy Prawns with Oats

Crispy Seafood (Prawns, Calamari, Fish, Scallops)

Steak & Bacon

Michaels Steak ‘Eye fillet centre cut tenderloin’ mushroom & cucumber sautéed with a blend of spicy barbecue and peanut flavour"

Sweet & Sour Pork

Mixed Vegetables - this is what I ate!! Nice and crunchy vegies, in a garlicy sauce.

Fillet Steak Chinese Style - this was in a barbeque sauce

We also had some Fried Rice, as well as steamed rice (Yum - steamed rice is delicious!!)

And after all that, we still managed to find some room for desert.....

A couple of people had the kids icecream - with strawberry sauce - and sprinkles!!!

I had this one - called "Eagles Nest" its a nice marshmallowy pavlova filled with fruit. It was a mixture of fresh and tinned fruit - which is a little disappointing - I am sure it wouldn't be too hard to make it all fresh fruit!

Michaels Comet - deep fried icecream!!

Sticky Date Pudding

And then we all rolled home :-)

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