Friday, January 08, 2010

Nigella's Cranberry & White Chocolate Cookies

I made these cookies as little Christmas gifts - nice easy cookies that reportedly tasted delicious. Obviously you could change the ingredients to make whatever sort of cookies you want - but cranberry & white chocolate sounded nice and christmassy to me! This is the first thing I have made from the "Nigella Christmas" book - I tend to just look through it and dream :-)

to make gift tags, I cut out christmas tree shapes from corrugated cardboard (used a cookie cutter as a template) and glued on "merry christmas" thingies :-)

Unfortunately I didnt plan ahead very well, and only had freezer bags to wrap the cookies in - so not too elegant! Next time, Remember the Cellophane!!


caite said...

they look delicious. you didn't test them?

oh, you and

Kylie said...

They look delish. And I love your gift tags. What an amazing idea. :o)

Mireya said...

I love cranberry and white chocolate together, although I've only had the combo in a biscotti. I'm going to have to try these!!