Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Year Barbeque

We went to my parent's place for a barbeque just after New Years......

There were mystery sausages - in that some were beef and some were not, and no-one knew which was which.  THis did not concern me, as I had my own vegie sausage :-)

Delicious smashed potatoes - with rosemary- these potatoes had such delicious crispy bits, as well as soft fluffy centres!

A Salad with just about anything you could think of - feta, tomato, capsicum, onion, mushrooms, avocado, YUM!!

Some marinated barbeque chicken

Crusty bread - with real butter :-)

And for dessert? Well this was my department, so I made individual pavlovas with fruit salad.  Basically, I piped out meringue into the appropriate shapes (and they actually were not too wobbly looking!!) and baked them.  I made them the day before, so I wanted a crunchy meringue, rather than a chewy meringue which may have gone soggy with the wait in the fridge....  I assembled the pavlovas just before we ate them - I put a little Vanilla Fruche in the bottom and topped each one with a pile of fresh fruit salad - I chopped up all the fruit quite small, so that everyone got a little bit of everything in their little pavlova.


Mireya said...

That meringue looks absolutely divine! Do you eat this dessert chilled?

Alibongo said...

yes - chilled for sure - traditionally it would have whipped cream under the fruit also!

Kristina said...

Yum, I love pavlovas. It's one real "dessert" dessert that I never feel guilty about eating-- it's basically fruit, and air.

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caite said...

another pavlova lover here...sadly they are rarely seem in the USA.

Karine said...

Great job with your pavlova!

The barbecue seems to havebeen filled with great food :)