Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sea World

We have bought a special Queensland pass which lets us into Seaworld, Movie World and Wet & Wild as many times as we like until June next year. So that our weekends sorted :-) We went to Sea World on the Ekka holiday. We saw all the shows and all the animals - next time I want to go on some of the rollercoasterish rides.

Shark Bay is the coolest place - I could stay and watch the fish swim by all day

We missed the penguin feeding, and when we went by, there were only 3 penguins visible in the enclosure. Will have to check it out again next time

The dolphin show was great !

This is the only glimpse we got of the polar bears. This one woke up from its sleep in the garden bed and went inside, never to return. I think it needed to jump into the pool for a bath!

The Sea Lion show is corny, but the Sea Lions are very cool

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