Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We went on another little expedition to Riverlinks Shopping Centre. First stop was lunch!

I had another wrap from The Ozi Wrap shop. DELICIOUS!!!! They put any salad items on it that you want for no extra charge - EVERYTHING is included! Brilliant!!

I ate my wrap while Janet waited for her lunch to be made at the Bucking Bull shop

Janet had a Lime Milkshake

And a bacon & egg roll.

Since it took so long, when Janet's lunch was ready, I went and got myself some potato gems. Just because. I think they should let you buy just 5 only potato gems. That would get them out of my system. Not that I am complaining about having to eat a whole cup :-)

After lunch, we hit RIVERS! yay!!!!! I got some shirts and a pair of work pants YAY!!!! We love Rivers!!


Anonymous said...

The salads at Sumo Salads are lovely as well. I live not far from there over at Flinders View


Alibongo said...

I always look at Sumo Salad, but nothing has ever said "try me" loudly enough!