Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Out to Dinner - August

We went to the new Montezuma's at Browns Plains. This time we made a booking for 6.30 Saturday. When we got there, they didn't have our booking. They wondered if it was booked under Marshall instead. uh, no. Read. or anything that sounds like Read. Oh yes, for 9 people at 5pm? uh. no. For 2 people. at 6.30pm, which is now. So they squeezed us in anyway. Perhaps we would have been more fortunate if they couldn't fit us in :-)

The menu's here are large. they take up half the table. And the staff give you lots of time to read it. Lots and lots of time. We eventually placed our order, and also ordered a bottle of water. It said on the menu that drinks had to be ordered at the bar, so Janet went over to order some soft drinks. She was sent back and told they'd send a waitress over. Eventually we got our soft drinks, and eventually we got our water. Both of which we finished before our food arrived. (we were expecting a wait - it warns of this on the menu, something about freshy preparing ach meal? like this is unusual?)

While we were waiting, a couple behind us left after only reading the menu, and another table of 5 left because they had been waiting for their food for so long.....

Eventually our food arrived. Yay. Actually, its not our food. Its chicken and we didn't order chicken, its someone elses food. And then, our food arrived.....YAY

hmmmmmm maybe not yay. that looks like meat. I think this is meat. yes, its meat.

My vegetarian meal turned out to contain meat. I had to go searching for a waitress to bring over to check it out. She took it away, so I was waiting again.....

Meanwhile Janet at her Albondigas - mexican meatballs with sauce and cheese on a bed of rice. This was very hot (steam was coming out of the meatballs for the whole meal) and a bit bland.

Eventually my actual meal arrived Vera Cruz - Cheese Enchillada, bean burrito, rice & beans. It was ok. all a bit bland and boring really, and the cheese enchilada was way too cheesy, and the bean burrito was way too soggy.

When we went to pay, they told us that they would only charge us half price for one of the main meals because of the long wait. When we told her what had actually happened, she gave us a card for a free main meal on our next visit. I don't think we will be rushing to use that one.

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