Friday, February 27, 2009

Come on February - enough now!

I am ready for this month to be over. Lots of strange and stupid things have happened!

1. My heart rate monitor has been playing up. (either that or I am dead). So I have had to send it away to be serviced. Theres a very strange feeling as you drop your watch into a post box. (I did of course bubble wrap it and put it in an express post thingy).
2. My sneakers have broken. I love my sneakers. I hope I can find ones that I like as much. Or there will be trouble.
3. Optus told me they would be increasing our home phone to $57 per month. (this was to include all local calls). We currently never spend over $40 a month on that phone. After much debate with the Indians during which I got no-where. (they suggested that I could disconnect my Optus intrnet from them in order to get a cheaper phone????), they were also going to charge me $99 to check if I could still be their internet customer if I changed phone providers)I have jumped off the Optus ship and joined up elsewhere. For $0 connection fee and $20.95 home phone. We will pay more for the internet, but get HEAPS more downloads.
4. I might be called up for Jury duty again in April. I have sent the form back, so we will wait and see.
5. We are going to see the musical Chicago next month. We had front row seats. I got an email saying they had added an extra front row. If we want to be in it, I just had to reply. A guy rang me and told me to send back the original tickets and they will send me the new ones. Now I am hoping there isn't a scam to steal Chicago tickets from people. Wait and see on that one!

I think that is all, but its not over yet, so you never know what else just might happen!

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Superstar Janet said...

Another thing happened. You were trying on shoes that you knew would fit you and the sales lady told you they would be way too big for your feet. Then she told you if you were going fishing, you could use your shoes as a boat. How rude!