Monday, February 23, 2009

Out to Dinner - February - Seoul BBQ

Restaurant #2 on the quest for one new restaurant per month. This one might not be considered quite so successful.....

We went to a Korean BBQ Restaurant at Sunnybank. It was filled with Koreans which was a good sign. It was also staffed by waitresses without a great grasp of english. So we had some problems. Since we have absolutely no grasp of Korean.

Each table has a hotplate in the middle of it, ad we could see that everyone was cooking their own food. Large plates of raw meat kept going past us.

Browsing the menu I was a tad worried, as there was not a great deal of explanation, and everything looked like meat. Even the tofu dishes had meat.

I asked the waitress for help and she pointed me to a beef dish that could be served without the beef. YAY. I was taken care of. Next problem - Miss Janet. I asked the waitress to reccommend something for her. SHe said that the BBQ dishes were for 2 or more people, so that ruled them out. Finally, Janet decided to have the same as me, only with the beef & the egg.

About 8 little white dishes were placed on our table, each containing different kinds of vegetables in sauces. There was also a small dish of chilli sauce for each of us. Then our meals were brought to us. They were served in large stone bowls that were sizzling! My bowl contained rice and assorted vegetables (like carrot, bean shoots, strange mushrooms) Janets had the same as well as some beef & a freshly cracked egg on top, and a bowl of beef stock on the side. As you stired everything together, it sizzled away. I added the chilli sauce and some of the vegies delivered earlier. It was really quite tasty. It was a short grain rice, and the chilli sauce was not toooo hot. The sizzling bowls were really cool though (in a non-chilly way).

It was a very busy place, with food being constantly brought out to the many tables. It looks like the BBQ is the most popular thing here, so maybe another trip with more meat-eaters would be the way to go, in order to have the true Kprean BBQ experience. (It might pay to take a Korean along as well)

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Superstar Janet said...

If only my beef dish contained more beef in it. Two small spoonfuls and it was all gone...sigh.