Thursday, February 05, 2009

January Dinner = Cafe @ Bayliss

This year we are trying to go to a different restaurant for dinner each month. Just the two of us (which is why the earleir dinner with my parent's did not count :-) )

Since it was the last day of January, we had to get ourselves into gear and find somewhere to go. The answer was Cafe @ Bayliss. THis is very close to our house. In fact I think if I took the bike path, I could run there faster than we could drive. We did drive, but this was because we have had very rainy weather lately. Nothing to do with being lazy.

So Cafe @ Bayliss... it descibes its self as a Cafe & Asian style restaurant. It has a small air conditioned indoor area as well as tables outside. We sat inside and had the worlds most forgetful waitress. Janet ordered a coke, I asked for water. In the 2 minutes it took her to go to the fridge and get the can of coke and the water bottle & glasses, she had forgotten who wanted the coke. SHe did give us lovely glasses full of ice for our water though, so this earns her some points.

We decided to start with the vegetarian spring rolls and these came out piping hot and deliciously crunchy. In fact I do believe I burnt my tongue because I was so eager to try them. They were goooood. I can see more of these in my near future :-)

For mains I had a selection of items to choose from the vegetarian section of the menu. These were all "vegetable-only" versions of other items on the main menu. So I went for the Terryaki Stir Fry with steamed rice. THis was good. The sauce was delicious. I just wish they would actually add some protein to the meal instead of just removing the meat. How hard is it to have some tofu on stand by?

Janet had Sweet & Sour pork (surprise surprise!!) and said it was good.

We would like to go back here someday to try the all day breakfast.

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