Tuesday, October 28, 2008

more soup...

so tonight I will have tomato soup for dinner. Only it won't use up any tins.......I found some frozen soup in the (where else?) freezer..... I think it is soup I made from (what else) tomatoes!

Monday, October 27, 2008

going dotty!

I finally worked up the energy to whipper-snip the yard. Not that it requires that much actual energy, but it is a very frustrating job, because it involves refilling the whipper-snipper with line, which is a very annoying job! And then sometimes, if I am stupid, I leave the line too long and it all winds around its-self and created a huge tangle. And other times I get a couple of metres of edge snipped and it runs out of line again. So anyhow, I got it done without too many dramas. Of course I managed to dong myself in the head with the power cord plug as I was carrying it back to the shed. And also there is the slight issue with my right leg now looking like I have the measles. Note to self : its not a good idea to whipper-snip in shorts.

On a different note, I just bought us tickets for next years P!nk Concert. In June. Gee next year is filling up already!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

tomato soup creations...

I have recently discovered that we have 8 tins of tomato soup in the cupboard. This is because I kept buying it when it was on special. And then didn't bother to actually use any of it. So I see tomato soup featuring as an ingredient in many dinners to come....... Last night I made Janet crumbed veal (crumbed in breadcrumbs, fresh hers & romano cheese). And we both had spaghetti with tomato soup sauce. (not just tomato soup of course - it also had onion, garlic, zucchinni, capsicum and fresh herbs). What else can I see - I am sure spaghetti and meatballs will soon make an appearance (alongside spaghetti & not-meatballs - my creation of lentils and soy beans, which are quite delicious...I make up a big batch and freeze them)

Possibly some more home made ravioli will be another idea. And of course I can always make a stew-like creation for Janet - a bit of paprika fred up with onions and the meat before adding the soup is always a good move.

That is all I can come up with for now....... I usually only use half a tin in each meal, so that means 16 meals featurng tomato soup.

And I forgot the most obvious one.....tomato soup!! :-)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Advance planning.....

I bought us tickets to see Chicago (the musical, not the city). Next March. It seems like a long time away, but will probably be here before we know it. They are front row tickets and all! (thats as long as the map of the seating is correct). I have seen this show before, and of course have also seen the movie quite a few times. I don't even know who is going to be in it - maybe no-one knows, since it didn't say on the QPAC site either. Or maybe I am just blind. Whatever! it does not matter!

I now have something to write on next years calender.

I think my Wii arm is worse today. I should have played more yesterday! Instead I pedalled my lovely spin bike. Through Idol. That show really annoys me. I love to hate it. When watching Idol, I turn into the meanest person on the planet. They should give ME the job of the nasty judge. And they should get rid of Rikki-(its all about me)-Lee. Seriously.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cool new STUFF!

We got a Wii!!!! yay!!!! They were on sale at Big W, so Janet bought us one last Thursday (she had the day off to go to the Dr to get a mole chopped off - ouchy!)

So we have spent some of the weekend becoming less un-co-ordinated on it.

I have been having fun on the Wii Fit. I don't actually think it would make you get fit, but it is certainly fun!

And Boxing was also good! We were punching each other - might be a good game if we have a fight!

So today I am at work suffering from a touch of "Wii-arm"

Saturday, October 11, 2008

a Saturday night off the couch....

Last weekend we went and saw Colbie Callait at the Tivoli. She was supported by Kate Miller-Heidke, who we have seen before.... it was a good concert! I wasn't really expecting much, I hadn't even really listened to the Colbie Callait cd. But I liked what I saw. And heard.

Quite amazingly, I had to show id to get in. Come on, that is a little bit silly! There is no way I could be under 18. Anyway..... there were the usual drunk people there, I really don't know why you would pay money to go to a concert and then spend heaps more money on drinks? It was a standing only concert, so our old legs were a little bit cranky about that by the end - I mean there were 2 support acts and then the main act, so it was a long time standing in the same spot - its not like you could walk around, because you would then lose your good position. Somehow I kept ending up with people who would stand so close to me they were kind of leaning against me. But enough of that! the show was great!

This is Kate Miller-Heidke - I think we have her new cd arriving sometime soon - it should be good!

Colbie Callait - when she sang "bubbly" they had a bubble machine and bubbles cascaded from the ceiling! It was very cool, but they didn't show up in the photos. Just imagine them!
I tried very hard to get a smiling photo!