Saturday, October 11, 2008

a Saturday night off the couch....

Last weekend we went and saw Colbie Callait at the Tivoli. She was supported by Kate Miller-Heidke, who we have seen before.... it was a good concert! I wasn't really expecting much, I hadn't even really listened to the Colbie Callait cd. But I liked what I saw. And heard.

Quite amazingly, I had to show id to get in. Come on, that is a little bit silly! There is no way I could be under 18. Anyway..... there were the usual drunk people there, I really don't know why you would pay money to go to a concert and then spend heaps more money on drinks? It was a standing only concert, so our old legs were a little bit cranky about that by the end - I mean there were 2 support acts and then the main act, so it was a long time standing in the same spot - its not like you could walk around, because you would then lose your good position. Somehow I kept ending up with people who would stand so close to me they were kind of leaning against me. But enough of that! the show was great!

This is Kate Miller-Heidke - I think we have her new cd arriving sometime soon - it should be good!

Colbie Callait - when she sang "bubbly" they had a bubble machine and bubbles cascaded from the ceiling! It was very cool, but they didn't show up in the photos. Just imagine them!
I tried very hard to get a smiling photo!

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